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My husband and I recently had the pleasure of working with a friend of mine as she launched her new product, The Strawlution Straw! I’ve known Jamie for many years through various playgroups and I’ve watched her creation morph from a budding idea into an internationally sold product! I was so excited when she asked me to take her all of her product/packaging images and photograph during the filming of their commercial video.  My husband built her website, found at, giving you a convenient place online to pick up your own packages of straws.

If you haven’t heard of Strawlution, read on… her idea truly is amazing!  A straw that goes in, but doesn’t come out!  These are perfect for little ones who are pulling out their straws constantly at home, at restaurants or at the park. You can push them into anything with a foil top such as  yogurts and applesauce, eliminating the need to spoon feed. They are ideal for use of on the go snacks. They are also helpful with the elderly who may have a more difficult time holding and maneuvering a spoon.  They have even proved beneficial for special needs children and adults who are not able to feed themselves. I’d like to share some of the photos as well as a quick interview I grabbed with this very busy Mompreneur.

How did you come up with the idea for Strawlution?

Basically the idea came about because my babies were 1,2,and 3 years old! My kids have always loved yogurt. I encouraged it because it’s a great healthy snack. But, spoon feeding three toddlers yogurt multiple times a day was a pain! And even though the yogurt companies are trying to make an option for parents like, GoGurts (in a tube), crush cups, none of them are a mess free option for young kids! So, I started pushing a drinking straw right through the foil on top of the yogurt. It worked great except I would find yogurt containers around the house and the straw had fallen out causing yogurt to spill on my carpet, furniture and toys. That’s where the first idea of “why is there not a straw that goes in and doesn’t come out”, came from!

What was the journey like taking Strawlution from concept to market?

EXHAUSTING! There are days when people tell me that they have a good idea and I don’t come across very positive! It’s certainly more work than I ever imagined, between the patents, trademarks, manufacturing, engineers, website, marketing, investors, contracts, packaging, bar codes, fulfillment…! I spent my entire life (including my college career) in a leotard and pink tights! This is all completely overwhelming and foreign to me! The hardest part has been the fact that I have created an entirely new concept. The manufacturing process itself is something that has never been done before. Believe it or not it is REALLY hard to make my straw!

What environmental considerations have you taken in creating the Strawlution straw?
The design helps the environment by prevent the removal of a straw and needing another; resulting in less straws being used and less plastic being thrown away! The Strawlution Straw is also FDA approved, BPA Free, dishwasher safe, and 100% Made in America! It’s a mouthful, but I worked really hard to be able to say it!

What’s life like for you as creator of this innovative product?
We are just a few weeks into our launch, and this has been years in the making. So right now, it’s too crazy to even take in! There are several different directions we could go with the company and the products we are creating. Right now it’s definitely, one day at a time!

product images by Mollie Kendall Photography

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Ashleigh Wells - This is a BRILLIANT idea!!! I think I need to get some now! haha! Great shots of it too! I like the one with dad holding it up best because he looks more impressed than the kids (that would be me too hehe)!

Jinx - Great product, and great shots Mollie!

Sophie Crew - I need those straws! What a genious idea!
Great shots as well! They all look like they are having so much fun (as their straws stay in place :) )

courtney - what an ingenious product and what great photos! great captures of the product at work :)

stephanie mcfrederic - What an awesome idea! Great work!

Rose - Oooh, what a great product! Love the photos…great work!

Inna - These are so cool! I think I want one of those! Great job.

Lauren - AWESOME idea! Great work Mollie! I’m passing this along to my local playgroups!

Christine DeSavino - Wow – what a great idea! I’ll be heading to Strawlution next! These shots are great too – very creative! Love that first couch one!

haley b - what a gReAt idea!!! i love this – can’t wait to get some! and great work for you too, mollie! i love all the shots on the couch and also the two girls in the sweaters – that one made me laugh!

mandy - Those are so awesome!

timothy pham - WOW! what a great idea for a product. And your pictures do such a great job of describing the products. You don’t even need to watch an infomercial with these pictures.

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