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In year’s past, during the holiday season, I’ve participated in the Giving is Awesome session give-a-way for a local family in need.  I would like to do this again this year but instead of the usual family referrals, I already have someone in mind… an inspiring little girl named Story Cox.  For years, I knew Story and her family through an Austin playgroup.  Last year their family moved to TN and little Story found shortly after that she has a very rare form of leukemia.  She just recently was given a bone marrow transplant from her very brave and loving big sister!  She fights the fight, one day at a time.   You can read about Story and her family’s journey through her parents blog posts here:



I am asking you to help me, in helping her.

I would like to collect donations on her behalf, in which 100% of the money received will be donated to Story’s family to help with the mass expenses mounting for her care.  From all the donors, one person will be given a free photography session with me.

To donate to Story and receive entries for the free session, please make your contribution using the ‘Donate’ button below.  Any amount of donation contributions are appreciated!  For each $10 donation received, you will receive one entry for the free session give-a-way. I will list the transaction numbers on this blog post as they come in and each will be numbered.  I will use a random draw program to decide the winner from those numbers on Christmas Eve.  The winner will receive a free session with me, to be used any time in the coming year, along with a CD of the edited images.  {A value of $1200. Session can be used for a newborn, child, high school senior, first birthday cake smash or family sessions! No cash value.} The session winner will need to be in Austin or it’s surrounding areas.   If you are out of the Austin area and would like to donate to Story, please do so but make a note in your donation that you are not entering the session give-a-way… or simply go to Story’s Caring Bridge site above and donate directly to them.

Please please please forward this posting to your email contacts and share on Facebook… every way you can think to get the message out so we can raise money for Story!
Thank you in advance for all who can help this sweet little girl and her family as they struggle through this time in their lives.

fundraising ideas

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Julie Kraai - what a fantastic and gracious thing you are doing — I am so touched by these little girls and by the family.

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